Why Choose Us

Diyar Educational Philosophy

At Diyar, students experience a first-class international educational program. Our instructional program is based on reliable educational research. We strive to maximize learning, develop critical thinking skills, and create future leaders. Our students are designers, entrepreneurs, technology experts, and inventors. They experience real-word, collaborative projects as part of their learning journey. Diyar is an inclusive school where every student's needs are met within a safe and exciting environment.

In our Early Childhood section, students learn through play and exploration. They develop their communication skills in both English and Arabic. Our belief that every student should be a reader, writer, and talker is evident everywhere.

In our Elementary, Middle, and High School sections, students explore their own interests and strengths. They experience a rigorous, international curriculum. Our curriculum is flexible enough to meet all learners needs while preparing them for life beyond school.

We embrace the interests of each learner. All decisions are based on what is best for students and their learning. We INSPIRE, NUTURE, and EQUIP all students with the skills they need to be successful. All students receive support through mentoring, enrichment, or personalized study.

At all levels, we work to ensure that students are continuously surprised by their own learning and achieve beyond what they thought possible to develop a love of learning.

The Diyar Promise

We promise parents that:

  1. Diyar students will learn at levels that amaze both them and you.
  2. Diyar students will love coming to school.
  3. Diyar schools will create leaders with a compassionate world view who grasp opportunities and inspire and influence others.
  4. Diyar teachers will communicate with you about your child’s learning and life at school.
  5. Diyar curricula will inspire your children to be creative, independent, and resilient thinkers.
  6. Diyar lessons will be engaging, active, collaborative, and strong on academic rigor.
  7. Diyar schools will work closely with you, as parents, to ensure every child experiences success.

Diyar teachers will:

  1. Work tirelessly to ensure that every child makes as much progress as possible.
  2. Plan lesson which are active, collaborative, and cognitive as well as engaging, memorable, fun, and relevant.
  3. Value student happiness and school connectedness.
  4. Work closely with parents to guide the learning process.
  5. Provide a first-class international education with a local flavor.

What Matters at Diyar Schools

  • Our children as safe, supervised, and well cared for all times.

  • Amazing learning is central so that lessons are enjoyable and relevant, and progress is excellent.

  • Teachers know that they are responsible for ensuring every child makes as much progress as possible.

  • Developing in each child a love of reading and books is central to what we do.

  • Our curriculum ensures we teach children what they need to know rather than what has been taught in the past.

  • In our learning, children celebrate and respect the culture, traditions, heritage, and vision of the UAE as well as exploring other cultures.

  • Diyar schools are inclusive, which means we welcome students from all backgrounds and with a range of interests and abilities.

  • Tolerance is a priority in our schools.