CEO’s Welcome

Christine Simmonds Bed (HONS) London;
DPSE; MA London

My role as Chief Executive Officer of Diyar Education is to INSPIRE, NUTURE and EQUIP our schools to ensure your children experience high quality, amazing learning, love school and make great progress.

My aim, is to work closely with Diyar Principals, to make sure Diyar schools become the first choice for parents in Fujairah. This means that I will do my absolute best to ensure that every child who attends our schools, experiences high levels of enjoyment as well as making excellent progress.

Diyar Private Academy is a diverse learning community where we celebrate individualism as well as collaboration, promote excellent learning and innovation and open our students up to a world of limitless opportunities. Diyar combines pedagogy with personality and ensures that social, emotional and ethical learning is as important as any other kind. By educating our students’ hearts and minds we teach love, compassion, justice, forgiveness, mindfulness, tolerance and peace to ensure our leaders of tomorrow lead with understanding and influence.

At Diyar, we ‘inspire minds and create leaders’ as we ensure our technology keeps pace with the real world and our students learn through practical activities rather than from a textbook. This means our students are exposed to ‘real learning for a real future’ and they really do, come first.

Our central focus at all times is the development of AMAZING LEARNING which ensures every student experiences success and understands exactly where they need to go next with their learning. Our teachers balance knowledge, skills and understanding to create a comprehensive learning environment for every student.

I am proud of our school, our teachers, and leaders and most of all, the quality of Diyar learning. At Diyar your child is in safe hands and will receive an education which really does prepare them for their future.