Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of every student. Our curriculum supports our belief that every student has unique strengths and abilities. Our curriculum supports our vision that every child experiences amazing learning, develops a love for school, and makes great progress.

The New York State Next Generation Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards provide a rigorous framework for learning across all subjects taught in English. The MOE curriculum for Arabic, Islamic, and Arabic Social Studies ensure that our students have a strong understanding of their cultural heritage.

We place a strong emphasis on developing critical-thinking skills and innovative problem-solving skills. Individualized support, student learning styles, and differentiation in lessons allow students to learn at levels that amaze themselves. Our curriculum encourages our students to express themselves and discover their own potential through a wide range of activities which go beyond the school day. Our students become life-long learners who succeed in any field they choose to pursue.

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Pre-KG Curriculum

Our Pre-KG program provides a holistic, child-focused approach to learning and development. We emphasize inquiry-based “real” learning. Our aim is to help every child develop an open mindset through collaboration, creativity and problem-solving.

The International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) is the foundation of our Pre-KG program. The IEYC is a child-centered and research-informed curriculum designed for 2-5-year-old children. Our Pre-KG program is designed around central themes and the IEYC four Learning Strands

  • Independence/Interdependence
  • Inquiry
  • Communicating
  • Healthy Living/Physical Well-being

All units are divided into relevant and engaging activities. These activities are adapted and extended to meet individual needs. We value integrating learning so that the curriculum is engaging, relevant, and interesting for our students.

The IEYC aligns well with the New York State (NYS) Early Learning Goals, which is the basis of our KG1 program. Our curriculum prepares children for their future education. Every day our curriculum allows our students to amaze themselves with their learning.

KG Curriculum

Diyar Kindergarten curriculum is designed to develop children's early years skills. It honors the uniqueness of this stage of child development. Combining New York State Next Generation Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and International Early Years curriculum provides students with a strong base to the start of the school career. Challenging learning opportunities develop specific learning goals for every area of learning. An inquiry-based approach to learning promotes critical thinking skills. Our strong literacy program promotes the development of skills needed to be lifelong readers and writers. Story time, guided reading, and Talk for Writing programs promote children’s imagination and nurture a love of reading. Our math program includes various types of hands-on resources such as Numicon. Students enjoy the classroom learning centers that the development of key areas. Our KG curriculum ensures that your child is well-prepared for the rest of their school years.

Elementary Curriculum

The International Primary Curriculum aligned with the New York State Standards promote an inquiry-based approach to learning to students while the rigor of the standards is taught in an integrated way. Subject-specific skills, knowledge and concepts are taught but then they are learned and applied in meaningful contexts to make the best possible progress with differentiation and higher order thinking skills. Elementary literacy program with weekly guided reading, phonics and Talk for Writing activities support students to achieve English and Arabic standards with interest and engagement. Numicon and other math programs are used to support students to adopt a flexible approach to problem solving, which is underpinned by a rigorous approach to learning.

Middle School Curriculum

Our Middle School curriculum prepares students for success in high school. We utilize the International Middle Years Curriculum to address the unique learning and social needs of students in grades 6 - 8.

Our core subjects include English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Arts, Information Technology, Physical Education, and Moral Education, Arabic Language instruction for both native and non-native speakers and Islamic Education for Muslim students.

Our curriculum encourages students to express themselves and discover their own potential. With this knowledge they can choose their desired pathway in High School.

High School Curriculum

Our High School Curriculum prepare students for life after high school. Students select a pathway based on their post-graduation goals. We offer career pathways in Business, Science/Math, Arts, Language, Computer Science, and STEAM.

Our core subjects include English, Math, Science, Computer Literacy, Arts, Physical Education, Moral Education, Social Studies, Arabic Language for native and non-native speakers, and Islamic Education for Muslim students. We offer a variety of elective courses to support a student’s chosen career pathways

For more on graduation requirements, please see our College and Career Counseling section.